Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fringe benefits

Like just about everyone else I know, I long to go to Edinburgh every year, and every year I'm here in my pyjamas reading the glowing reports in the morning papers (whole sections of which are always given over to raving about the festival, which seems rather unfair on the rest of us.) But this year I feel like I am there, thanks to the marvelous Fringecast, a daily video podcast featuring snippets of performances and brilliantly unscripted interviews with performers.

The first couple podcasts have featured an interview with the scary Christine and Neil Hamilton, and a performance from Krysstal and Brian Damage, who sing a very funny song about Brits abroad. And it turns out that Fringecast is put together by one of our own Manchester bloggers, Dave of the Northern Quarter Podcasts blog. Pretty cool, eh?

(Photo of random flyerer from the Fringecast site.)

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