Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Time Out Borrows Bill

Manchester media gossip time. So a month or two ago I had heard rumours suggesting that a former City Life editor had been tapped by the suits down in London to run the Manchester edition of Time Out. But it seems they were wrong. The man in charge is Bill Borrows, the former Maxim editor football blogger, author and Mirror columnist. Here's a highly amusing piece he did on accessories. Even better, I hear he's actually from Manchester. A Man City fan. Unfortunately, it seems he's actually only putting together the sample issue. Shame they couldn't entice him back North!

I also heard that they're not interested in hiring anyone who worked for City Life. Of course, that could just be a vile and inaccurate rumour (or it could be sound editorial policy). Time Out honcho Tony Elliott sure sounds unimpressed with Manchester's last listings mag in this Press Gazette piece:

“City Life wasn’t very good — I don’t know the whole story, but it lost its way and it wasn’t as sharp and as organised and reliable as it ought to be. In a nutshell, Time Out is a better and different magazine."

Should be interesting to see the sample issue next month.

(Time Out Manchester cover image shamelessly thieved from Mancubist, who still won't say where it came from...)


Anonymous said...

I'm expecting the copyright police to be knocking on my virtual door any minute about that front cover...

Sounds like Time Out Manchester'll be entertaining if nothing else. That Alex Higgins book is apparently a great read.

Kate Feld said...

oops! forgot to credit you... i'll fix it now.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, it is kinda sad that we lose an indigenous publication & our listings get colonised by a London based magazine. Bristol, a much smaller less happening town, has had Venue, a high quality listings mag for years.