Wednesday, August 02, 2006

To do: D.Percussion, trouble at t'mills, wireless

A firecracker of a weekend, with D.Percussion on tap to keep us entertained (remember your £2 "donation"). The full list of acts is here, though everyone I talk to seems to be the most excited about the Pipettes' set. I'm also looking forward to seeing Field Music.

Afterwards, you've got a choice. You can go to a rave in an old mill in Castlefield. Or you can go to an old mill in Salford, and see a crazy-haired singer called Diane Cluck. You could also try to get into the D.Percussion after party at The Music Box, but that's bound to be oversubscribed n' sweaty.

If you're having such an amazing time out and about in Manchester this weekend that you simply must share it with the internets immediately, you're in luck. Bournemouth Runner reports that Cornerhouse is now offering free wireless to customers. So by my count, that makes three places in town now offering free wifi, along with Oklahoma and Suburb (don't try to juice up with Suburb's electricity, though. They get real pissy.) A thriving digital cafe culture? Hardly. But it sure beats the lame "citywide wifi" service hawked by The Cloud and other connectivity profiteers.


jonthebeef said...

That's the best map I've ever seen. You could probably show Google a thing or two.

Kate Feld said...

jon, I can't claim responsibility for it... It's from the Manchester Clubbing blog.

I thought it was pretty funny, though, that they'd have a digital image of a crumpled, hand-drawn map telling people how to get there...

Anonymous said...

Free wireless?


Its back in T'Social