Monday, August 07, 2006

Manchester Blogmeet this Saturday!

Less than a week until the Manchester blogger confab at Urbis (that's 3-5 p.m. in the conference room, in case you were wondering.) It'll be a star-studded guest list of North West blogging talent.

So far, we can expect to see: Mancubist, Connect Media North West, Spinneyhead, Yer Mam!, Sticker,Bench, Landed, Why did I go wrong?, Stephen Newton's Diary of Sorts, A Free Man in Preston, Girl on a Train,
Crinklybee, Normblog, EnCompass Culture, Black Country Grammar, and Counago and Spaves.
I think there are others, but I might have mislaid a couple of links.


Anonymous said...

This sounds really fun. We'd have loved to come if we weren't on our way to Leicester for Summer Sundae. Next time though!!

vitty100 said...

It's a tricky one, this. Me being there would kinda defeat the object in that the football team my blog covers plays at....guess what? 3pm until 5pm, in St Helen's.

I'd like to come to meet the faces behind all those talented thinkers and typists, but will there be anyone around by the time I get back into town at about 6/7pm?

Unknown said...

I had an idea over the weekend, if people are up for it. I have a video camera and a tripod. If anyone would like to talk about their blog I could record a quick interview with them- name, blog title, how long they've been doing it, what it's all about, dirty joke (optional) etc.
Then I'd post the videos to Spinneyhead over the following week and a bit.

backroads said...

Blimey, I used to be in a group called Just Hip... nicked from James obviously.

Anyway, I'd have liked to have been there on Saturday but Sky has taken over Manchester and I'll be at the Lowry doing some ballet/opera shenanigans.

Have a good one and be nice to A Free Man In Preston. He can't help it.

Kate Feld said...

Ian: That sounds really cool. I think it's a great idea, and would certainly put a face to all of those blogs out there... if it's not too much trouble/work, I say do it.

vitty, I think it might be hard catching up with some folks then - the urbis event ends at 5 and people will undoubtedly go on to somwhere after, but no idea where! Sorry about the footy conflict. Will try to avoid that next time.

tony said...

Yea,I,m really looking forward to it.I might not be able to make the pub afterwards but 3 'till 5 is fine,
See You All Then.

vitty100 said...

Well, maybe I shall have to depend on our loveable blogette Manchizzle to supply me with the post-meet meet details. :)

Delboys Daughter said...

Backroads! Don't point out his perculiarities like that dear. They might not notice.

Good luck to all that are going.
Oh and i wouldn't worry too much about interviews and the like. If they happen then cool, but in my experience you wind up being slightly embarressed even by just turning up, let alone doing an interview.
Try not to get completely rat arsed and have sex with anyone.
Or are those just the blogmeets I go to then?

(I jest!)
(Sort of.)

Kate Feld said...

delboy's daughter, my goodness.... I'd love to know where your blogmeets are! said...

i'm really sorry, that's the one weekend i've had committed for months now - sister's birthday and on pain of death to not be there. Have fun and i'll catch up with the gossip after. said...

nice to see you in the metro this morning though!

Unknown said...

Still up for it, with a couple of ifs:
1. might to participate in emergency house move which involves driving down to London;
2. have new laptop which was very cheap (ie horrid) and I don't know how the wireless works, or what bit that came with it is the wireless bit and so on. Still, don't fancy being the damsel in distress and hope for someone to be able to make it work once I'm there (any volunteers?).
Would love to come though!
Do we just turn up at the Urbis and ask for "blogmeet"?

Simon Wharton said...

Sounds like a fun thing. Chances I could make it are slim as I have the kids to entertain. I'll pass this around some people I know who may be interested.

it's the kind of thing you should be posting to

Adrian Slatcher said...

et moi, but I'm crap at actually telling you - sorry!