Monday, January 30, 2006

Blogs: Dangerous Man, Gooseania, Crinklybee

Today's crop of new-to-you blogs have been lurking around on the blogroll for a while, but I haven't formally introduced them yet. First off is The Dangerous Man, aka Jay, who writes of himself and his blog:
I am a 20 year old gay guy. I live in Manchester, UK ... In August of 2004 I moved into an apartment in the city centre (on Deansgate) with my partner Paul who is originally from Liverpool. My blog is a daily snapshot of my life. With honest accounts of sex, drugs (or lack of), music, work and play. Warning, this blog contains thoughts of an open mind and is not suitable for right wingers, religious people, and the 'sexless' You have been duly warned!

Maths graduate student Craig Laughton writes Gooseania, which he describes thusly: My blog is about what it's like to do a PhD, I thought it would be useful to document the three years because when I started, I didn't have much idea what I was in for! I tend to write a lot about my subject (maths) and general PhD stuff and unfortunately not too much about Manchester per se, but I guess I'm forever talking about the university so that must count for something. Craig just had his first article published, and it was about blogging - congratulations, Craig.

Another is Crinklybee, a blog I've long been a fan of for its quirky tone. Check out this post title: A short post about Twiglets which suddenly turns alarmingy into a long one about the Dogme film 'Italian For Beginners', before getting a grip of itself and ending up back with the Twiglets again. Brilliant.

The man behind Crinklybee is Johnathan, a 30-something Geordie living in Levenshulme, who writes: I suppose like most bloggers I just write about the stuff Iget up to- I try to make it engaging and humorous and build up a picture of my world ...

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