Monday, January 30, 2006

Manchester Blog Meet: : The Details

Clare, the intrepid organiser of our first ever (I believe?) Manchester Blog Meet has passed on the relevant times and locations for the multi-part event on Saturday, Feb. 11. You can find the post on her blog here.

Folks are free to come to just one part, or the whole shebang. Here's the schedule for Saturday:

3pm: tea/coffee and cakes at the new Kro in Piccadilly Gardens
7:30 pm: dinner at Efes Turkish restaurant (let Clare know if you're coming to this)
9:30 pm: libations at Mother Mac's Pub, back Piccadilly

Our hostess has also offered to put folks up at her place if they're coming in from far afield. Many thanks, Clare, for putting so much time and thought into this. I'll see you all at Kro, but won't be able to come to the later bits.

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Unknown said...

I've put up the pictures on my blog. See you