Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Blogs: Free Man, Feeling Listless and Keris

Okay, so I’ve stretched the boundaries of the Manchester area all the way up to Preston, but I think A Free Man in Preston is well worth the long commute. As featured on Radio Five Live (and, apparently, recommended by the Guardian), it’s written by a disorientated Lancashire man, who says: “What do I write about? The office where I work, mainly, and stuff about outside work sometimes too. I think that about sums it up really.” Check out the geekariffic soundtrack feature, powered by Castpost. Is it legal? Who knows. But it sure is cool.

Another new addition, Feeling Listless is penned by Stuart Ian Burns, a student at Man U who splits his time between here and Liverpool. His blog is the place to go for cultural review from the clueless (Stu’s description, not mine. I’m sure he’s just being modest.)

And finally, Keris Stainton is a writer and dedicated reader who maintains a blog here. She says it’s generally “a combination of popular culture/celebs, my own journey to becoming a professional writer and some personal stuff too.” You can access her novels in progress there, too.


android said...

Your site seems like a good idea, it's great to have another resource that's Manchester-based. Do you know about the Manchester Bloggers aggregator?

Kate Feld said...

Yes indeed. The aggregator is where I first found many of the blogs on the blogroll. It's a great resource.