Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gregorian Rants

Greagoir Ó Dálaigh writes the cleverly named, wide-ranging blog Gregorian Rants. I asked him to describe what he wrote about. He replied: “a better question might be 'what don't I write about?'

On any given day I'm likely to be talking about adventures on location with the BBC in Italy, being Irish in England, serving beer to Dublin crimelords, meeting Mikhail Gorbachev, excavating a human skeleton in Greece, how badly Everton football club is performing, how G.K. Chesterton is the most magnificently underrated English writer of the twentieth century, or any of a host of topics to do with travel, politics, history, sport, religion, art, cinema or music. Sorry. I talk a lot.

And he very kindly put me onto a number of studenty Manchester blogs which will be added to the blogroll shortly:

There's nmr boy, who lives in my hall, for starters. Steph at kaleidoscope eyes used to live here and probably will again; in any case she studies Egyptology here. Maria at gingerbeast is a trainee teacher, and Eleanor at Ramble On studies something to do with French. Stuart's Kitchen Table is a venerable Mancunian blogging institution, but it looks as though Stu's just gone on hiatus, which is a huge shame.

In closing, I want to direct everyone’s attention to a hilarious, though sadly defunct blog posted about recently on Gregorian Rants: Ash-Burned Foods, which detailed the culinary delights on offer at a Manchester university dining hall (source of above photo.) I quote: "'Burger In A Bin' reads the menu for this Friday's meal. A self fulfilling prophesy i fear." Come back Ash-Burned!

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