Thursday, January 05, 2006

Manchester Blogger Meetup

Doing her part to prove that bloggers are not all malajusted misanthropes who shun social interaction, blogger/novelist Clare Sudbery, of Boob Pencil , is organising a multi-part Manchester blogger meet-up on Saturday, Feb 11. Locations have not yet been determined but the meet will probably kick off at a coffee shop in the city centre somewhere. I'll post the details here as they become available, or check Clare's blog as the date approaches.

I'll be there (at least definitely for the afternoon bit), and look forward to meeting a few of the folks I've been trading emails with in the past couple of weeks. And picking the brains of the tech-savvy about new ways I can pimp up my blog. You have been warned!

Clare also passed on a new addition to the blogroll, Mad Dan's Blog, which lately has been extolling the restorative powers of Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood.

Had also forgotten to add this Manchester blog that I came upon a month or so ago when I caught a post about the demise of City Life: Island Monkey, who writes about popular culture, politics, moustaches and, of course, Manchester.

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