Thursday, January 26, 2006

Manchester media gossip

With the demise of City Life last year, lots of us have been forced to resort to the quaint practice of scanning posters and flyers to find out what's going on in the way of gigs and events -- or actually buying the MEN on a Friday for the GO! section. At 10p, it's quite a bargain. But fear not; If the rumors are to be believed, there's already more than one group waiting in the wings to pick up where CL left off.

The former editor of City Life, along with a couple of the mag's erstwhile columnists, is said to be drawing up plans for a regional mag. What's more, The Leeds Guide, an established player in the listings mag game, is said to be looking at moving into our tantalizingly untapped market, and has already enlisted some local talent - namely, a few City Life writers - to help set things up. Should be interesting to see what happens.

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