Monday, January 30, 2006

Nine Black Alps dis Manc, define "scally"

I was delighted to see that Manc's own Nine Black Alps made the "A Night Out With..." column in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times yesterday. In the past this has featured now-huge-in-the-states bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, so this must mean NBA are on their way to getting that elusive American acclaim.

It's maybe not so cool that they use this press space to slag off their hometown clubs. Guess we won't be seeing them at Fifth Avenue next Friday, then. Note, also, the clarification of "scally" for American readers.

The four members were working odd jobs before they hooked up through Manchester's underground music scene, "at one of the few clubs where they don't play Stone Roses and Oasis for a bunch of scallies," the band's guitarist and bassist, David Jones, noted.

Scallies? "English rednecks," he explained.

(Image from the NYT)


Anonymous said...

To be fair, 5th Ave and 4nd street are pretty dire places especially 5th Ave where the DJ's setlist hasn't changed at all since 1991.

Kate Feld said...

Yes, that's very true - I just thought it was funny that his comment came out sounding so negative.

And I didn't know scallies listened to the stone roses ... I thought it was more like, I don't know, Nelly and Crazy Frog?